Kevin, Yulia, Daniel, Valeria and Ryan



2022: What A Year

Here are a few memorable phrases that stood out to us from

“Don’t lose the kids!” – the words Yulia said to me in early Janu-
ary as we headed out into blowing snow with more than four

feet of fluffy, powdery white stuff on the ground.
“We’d like to get you on the first plane to anywhere.” These
words from Andy Overly from BMW a few days after the Ukraine war began.

“Dosvidanya” – to all our friends and family. We left
without being able to say goodbye to everyone, with 8 large
bags and lots of stuff left behind. But more than stuff was
friendships, ministry, mentoring relationships, family and so
much more. .
“Welcome back” – words from pastor Jay Mosser from our
home church, Sunset Bible. Barely had we arrived back and
Sunset graciously gave me a temporary staff position and some
salary to add to our missionary support so that we could afford

to live in the USA. And soon they also had a temporary assign-
ment as working with Sunset to revitalize Central Bible Church

in Tacoma. The welcome was not from Sunset alone—many
people and churches have been so welcoming as we’ve taken
this journey.
“You wanted direction from God, now you have it.” Words
from Yulia as she looked at her messages on Easter Morning
before breakfast. Her mom notified her that we received a
letter stating that my residency, which we had worked
so hard to obtain, had been canceled because I was, apparently,
a threat to the constitution there.
“At about 1am Shirley said she needed to go to the ER” – a
message from my dad on July 1 as we were preparing to leave

the IFCA conference at Albuquerque. This was shocking be-
cause mom seemed so healthy. At first things looked ok but

symptoms deteriorated over the months that followed.
“I love you mom” – I’ve never said it more than I did this year.
I’m thankful for such a great mom and time to spend with her
before she went to heaven.
“I want to go to school even on Saturday!” These words from
Valerie after she started attending Sound Christian Academy.
Our kids love their teachers and are making friends.
“I’m starting to think of you as our pastor, and I kind of like it”
– words from a long time member at Central Bible. The small
group that was left in this church welcomed the group that

joined from Sunset and we are starting to create a good founda-

tion for the future at this church.

“I love my job!” – words from Yulia as she started working with
international students at Sound Christian Academy. And one of
many instances where God took good care of us this last year.
“We will be praying that God will give you rest…knowing that

even this season is from God’s hand.” These words from Pas-
tor Jay in an email as we returned from out of the country have been a

good reminder this year. The expected and unexpected, the
ups and downs, celebrations and heartaches are all from the
good hand of a loving God.
As we look to 2023, eager to see what God has for us and to
know what is next, we do it trusting that whatever He has is
best. Thank you for being part of the journey this year with
us—your prayer and support in other ways has held us up
through a season that wasn’t always easy.

Kevin and Yulia