Kevin, Yulia, Daniel and Valeria  – Island of Sakhalin.

** Just Life…… For all the cross cultural challenges that missionaries face, in the end they are exactly like you in many ways. For example, a Sunday morning like today when our kids are fighting, we are late getting out the door and our car battery chooses to breathe its last. Sound familiar? There is a word for this: Life. So when you pray for us, remember that we are a lot like you. What are your needs? Ours in many ways are exactly the same. In the end, we all need to rest more in God’s grace every day. Thanks for praying!

UPDATE: June 2021

Back in the USA! 

On May 31, after being away for three years and three months,  we arrived back in the USA. It is GREAT to be back! We are  living in the Tacoma area while we are here and we will be in  country until mid-August.  Our priorities for this time are rest, spending time with Kev in’s family, visiting our supporting churches and friends to share  about ministry on Sakhalin and preparing for our next couple of  years in Russia.  Since our kids are in Russian schools, we need to return to  Russia in time for school to start. That means that there are  some of you we will not be able to see during this trip. We’d  love to see everyone but we have find balance between the rest  and ministry during this time. Our plan is to return to the US  every other summer so it won’t be too long until we return  again.  
Ministry and family news 
So, what have we been up to so far? As of July 3: We have visited two of our supporting churches including  our sending church, Sunset Bible Church in Tacoma.  We spent a few days on the Oregon coast with all 18 mem bers of Kevin’s family (His parents, sisters and their families).  
  • We’ve connected with several of our friends during our  travels. 
  • We’ve rediscovered Tacoma with our kids, including the  many parks this city has to offer and visited places like the  Museum of flight in Seattle.  
  • Daniel and Kevin climbed up to Camp Muir (10,000+ feet)  with our friend Steve. 
  • Kevin and Yulia flew to Nebraska for the IFCA annual convention where we also met up with BMW leadership and  partners in ministry at Slavic Gospel Association as well as  many others  
  • Our kids got to spend a few days without us, being spoiled  by their Grammy and Papa and their aunties. 
In addition, our kids are enjoying discovering America— including baseball, peanut butter, freshly cut green grass, the  kind of blizzards you eat, cheeseburgers, double stuff Oreos,  ferry boat rides, Hotel swimming pools and much, much more.  
More fun is still ahead of us. We have a couple of family trips planned, several church visits as well as the routine stuff like doctors visits, clothing purchases etc.  
Continue to Pray for the situation in our Russian church. Some  good decisions were made at the congregational meeting in  June, such as strongly confirming Pastor Alexey, but much tension remains as the former pastor who is in the congregation  continues to be very critical. Pray especially for Pastor Alexey  as he leads during this time.  
Pray for the physical health of many in our Russian church as  COVID has made its way through several families. 
Praise God for good travel to the states and a good first month  here for our family.  
Pray for the rest of our summer—safe travel, good visits with  supporting churches and friends, rest for our family. Pray for our preparation for what God has next for us in coming  years on Sakhalin.  
Pray for our expat ministry—we are taking a break for the sum mer but some are returning to Sakhalin and we hope to resume  ministry in the Fall. Pray that our leadership team can recon nect with those who we have not seen in a while and connect  with those who are new to the Island as well.  
Kevin and Yulia Brubaker in Sakhalin