Kevin & Yulia Brubaker



Sizzling Summer
In our last letter, summer was in front of us and we were
leaving on a 20-state road trip. In a few days, our kids will be
back in school and now we find ourselves reflecting on summer.
Where did it go?
Road Trip
We did visit 20 states and our van managed to hold together
until we returned (two weeks later it blew a head gasket). From
Rushmore to Niagara Falls to The Air Force Academy, with visits
to relatives in Ohio and Kansas and even and IFCA Convention in
Kentucky. And did I mention the Ark? It was quite a trip.
BMW Training
We weren’t home long before Daniel and I (Kevin) left for
South Carolina where Biblical Ministries Worldwide (BMW) was
holding its candidate training and summer board meeting. Daniel made new friends among MK’s while I participated in financial training and gave important updates to the Board of Directors along with Kristen Baker, the new CFO at BMW.
Central Bible VBS!
Shortly after returning from South Carolina, our whole family participated in the first VBS at Central Bible Church in over 20
years! Each day, between 37 and 40 kids joined a well-staffed
crew from Central Bible for our half-day VBS. It was encouraging to make another step toward reaching Central Tacoma for
Christ. We continue to be delighted with what God is doing at
this church in many ways.
SE Asia Trip
A little more than a week after the VBS, I left on my first international trip since we returned from Russia. I joined two
colleagues for a journey to Vietnam and Myanmar to visit pastors who we partner with in BMW’s “Gateway” ministry. We
are partnering with these pastors to send more than 30 of their
missionaries throughout these countries and many more in other closed access countries. We were impressed by the commitment of pastors and missionaries in closed and war-torn countries as God is bringing hundreds to himself through their work.
We look forward to even more ministry in this region in coming
years. Would you like to give to support missionaries in closed
access countries? Drop me an email and I’ll give you more
Shulke Farm Conference
Meanwhile, Yulia and the kids had the “fun” job of enduring two weeks without Dad. During part of that time, they
headed down to the Shulke Farm Missions Conference in SW
Washington and joined with other missionaries and missionsminded people for a few days camping in tents on the farm. If
you know Yulia, you won’t be surprised that the family doesn’t
slow down one bit when I’m gone!
Back to Atlanta
As I write this letter now I am near Atlanta at the BMW
headquarters. It’s time to create a budget for the new fiscal
year and I’m joining with our CFO and our President to begin
the process. There’s also much work ahead of us as we transition financially at the mission with new Accounting Software,
updated policies and enhanced financial strategy. This is a short
trip, but I’ll be back in about six weeks.
School started on September 5 and we officially have a 7th
grader, a 4th grader and a 2nd grader. Our kids are growing up
fast! Meanwhile Yulia is going full tilt in her position overseeing
foreign students at our kids’ school.
In September, Yulia and I have the privilege of speaking at
BMW’s Canadian Field Conference, where I’ll be the main
speaker and she will share with ladies.
We’ve come through a season of transition and are now in
full plate-spinning mode. God gifts his people in different ways.
For our family, we are happiest and most content when we are
active and busy, serving the Lord together. We are praising God
for a great summer and look forward to what he has for us this
Prayer Requests
Pray for God’s work in closed access countries through partnerships with national church networks and wisdom for Kevin and
the team as they continue the Global Gateway Partners ministry
with BMW.
Praise God for a really good VBS at Central Bible church.
Pray for Fall ministry and a significant renovation project which is
beginning at Central.
Pray for wisdom for Kevin and the leadership team at BMW,
especially in the area of financial planning and structure for the
upcoming fiscal year.
Praise God for a safe and active summer. We made many
Pray for a good school year for our kids starting September 5.
Pray for Kevin and Yulia as they attend and speak at the Canada
Field Conference with BMW.