John and Susan – Translating the Bible in South Central Asia.

Dear friends,

This morning we got good news that the BAT team has finished proof-reading the typeset manuscript of the New Testament.  It will now go to press.  The dedication of this New Testament is scheduled for October 18.

When the Gospel of John translation workshop was originally planned months ago, the sponsors asked Willy and Alex to lead it.  They also asked Joey to be an “understudy”, that is, to be there to help out and learn how it is done.  Joey knows the Bible well.  He has taught university students how to study the Bible for over 15 years, and he has studied Greek and Hebrew, but he has never been involved in translating the Bible.  Once plans were set, the organizers needed to push back the dates of the workshop a bit, but then Willy and Alex could not stay the whole time.  Willy and Alex left Wednesday afternoon and since then Joey has been in charge.  Please keep him in your prayers!  The last day of the workshop is August 24.  I meet with Joey via the internet each morning.  Next week Joey will be able to get some help from brother Benny, a translator who participated in the same workshop in 2014.

(Willy, Alex, Joey and Benny are not their real names… you may guessed that already.)

I have been able to resume work on Psalms for the ORT team, but only for a couple of weeks.  On August 29 I leave for Asia to finish checking 2 Corinthians for the LOW team, and to check Luke for the CHIP and JUMBO teams.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers.

May the Lord bless you and fill you with His peace!