John and Susan – Translating the Bible in South Central Asia.


Dear friends,

Praise God!  Today I finished checking Acts with the RT team.  All that remains is to finalize the report.

Thank you for praying for the training that Susan was involved with.  It was hard and Susan was not the only one who felt overwhelmed.  Wycliffe will go “live” with the software on Monday, at which time all personnel matters will have to be done using that program.  One of the trainers assured Susan that she is ready to help whenever she runs into a problem.

Since getting back home,  I have been preparing to work again with the DOG team.  They are hoping to check 1&2 Thessalonians, Philemon, 1&2 Peter, 1,2&3 John and Jude.  God willing I will also be checking Revelation with the BART team and 1 Corinthians with the LOW team.  This will be my first time checking with the LOW team.  They work together with the AP team that I worked with last time, so I am hoping that the quality of their translation will be as good as that of the AP team.

Since getting back I have also started working through Psalms with the translator in the ORT team.  He hopes to get back  in September to work with his teammates, so we will try to get through just as much as we can before then.  Checking Psalms is a lot different than checking New Testament books.  It is poetry, and there are not as many resources available for translators to consult.

I have tickets to leave on May 23 and will be there for four weeks.  Susan will remain in Dallas during that time.  The timing is not the best for us.  I will be away for both our anniversary and also Susan’s birthday.

We appreciate your support, prayers and encouragement so much.

May the Lord bless you and fill you with His peace!