John and Susan – Translating the Bible in India.



Dear friends,

Yesterday crossing the highway the clock on the bank building said 1:04 PM.  We had finished the check of the Gospel of John shortly before that.  We had pushed hard to get through.  I walked back to the guesthouse and slept for about an hour.  I have since drafted a report and sent it to the team to get their input.  We really cannot say that we are finished yet, because in many places the team has not yet updated what we call the back-translation.  (The back-translation is their translation of the BART text into English so that I can see what they have done.)  I can see that the team has made changes to the text, but I do not know what those changes mean.  Hopefully the team can get that back-translation updated this coming week.

Next week is the Galatians workshop.  I am working with “Theo” (a Nepali translator) to make a set of English/Nepali notes for the workshop. The big challenge is figuring out what is most important to cover each day during our class time.  We cannot expect the teams to translate the entire book in one week.  But we want to have them work through all the significant translation issues while we are together, and leave them to finish the rest on their own after the workshop is over.  We would really appreciate your prayers for wisdom, and the ability to communicate clearly


Thank you for standing with us in this ministry. Your prayers, support and encouragement mean so much to us.

May the Lord bless you and fill you with His peace!