John and Susan Wilners – Translating the Bible in South Central Asia.


Dear friends,

 I was able to check Ruth and Esther via Zoom with the MAT team..  We were supposed to check part of Genesis as well, but I realized that I was quickly running out of time to adequately prepare for checking with the other teams in other regions. Since the plan was to continue checking Genesis with the MAT team through the end of October, I asked the team if we could stop after Esther to give me time to prepare for for the other regions.

 I have tickets to fly to one of the areas we are working with.  The plan is to check Luke chapters 1 and 9-16 with the HUNGRY team, and then to check all of Matthew with the CHIP team. The HUNGRY team is new.  A couple of months ago they checked Luke chapters 2-8 with a different consultant, and a few months from now they will be checking the final portions of Luke with yet a different consultant. This is all part of their training. Four years ago I checked these same portions of Luke with the CHIP team. Looking now at the CHIP translation of Matthew I can see that their training was effective.

 May the Lord bless you and fill you with His peace!


Note: If you would like specific details on the upcoming activities, please feel free to ask. Because some of our colleagues are in sensitive areas, we need to be careful what we say publicly. Thank you for your understanding.