24-Hour Prayer Guidance

          24-Hour Prayer Guidance

The following information was handed out at the church
for those who desire to labor in Prayer and have signed up for a time slot on the church time clock.

ONE DAY Totally Set Aside For:

A - Adoration of our Awesome God

C - Confession of our sins and need

T - Thanksgiving for all He has done.

S - Supplication, asking God for our requests.



1. Arrive at the church a little before your selected time

2. Ask God to clear your mind of anything that would cause distraction.

3. Quietly enter the Nursery Room without disturbing or interrupting the other person.

4. Bring a Bible, Hymn Book, and prayer Lists.

5. Bring a heart ready to worship the Lord in Prayer.


1. Our Pastor: Strength, Energy, inspiration, courage, discernment, humility, purity, love, etc.

2. Our Board:  Unity of the Spirit, Standing on the Truth of the Word, Serving with a Heart of Love.

3. Our Church Body:  True faith in Christ, Love for and unity with each other, and Eagerness to serve and share Christ with others.

4: Outreach:  To the unsaved of our area, to the struggling believers, and to serve the families of our community.