Kevin & Yulia Brubaker



Global Gateway Partners
What is the best way to reach countries that don’t welcome
American Missionaries? This is a question we’ve been pondering a lot lately. There are places in the world where it is very
difficult for Americans to go as traditional missionaries. In missions, we refer to these places as “limited access regions.” Recently, Kevin has been given the opportunity to provide leadership for Biblical Ministries Worldwide’s reach into these countries working with a ministry branded as “Global Gateway Partners.”
The primary thrust of Global Gateway is partnerships with
indigenous church networks in and around limited access countries for the purpose of helping these churches send their missionaries to these difficult to reach places. This partnership
involves financial support and training. Currently 67 different
missionaries have been sent from 11 church networks to difficult and often dangerous places of ministry. In fact, three of
the countries where we are helping to send missionaries are
among the 10 most persecuted countries in the world, and all
others are in the top 50.
This last year, Kevin has been leading a team that is taking
the reigns of this ministry from its founder and working to help
sustain and grow the efforts of these partnerships. Please pray
as Kevin works with other gifted leaders in this important area
of ministry.
Mission Finance team
Many of you know that I (Kevin) have a fairly extensive background in accounting. When we left for Russia, I thought those
days were behind me. God had other plans. Biblical Ministries
Worldwide has found itself in financial transition and I am now
serving the mission in a Vice President role, coming alongside
the new Chief Financial Officer, Kristen Baker, to help the mission navigate these changes. This has resulted in several trips
to Atlanta this last year and some “deep dives” into some fairly
challenging situations. Thankfully, Kristen and her team are
doing a great job and we are making good progress.
Central Bible Church
We have continued in ministry at Central Bible Church in
Tacoma where Kevin serves as the “Campus Pastor,” preaching
3-4 times a month and working with the leadership team at
Central to revitalize this small church. We’ve seen attendance
climb into the 50’s and have been thrilled to see successful ministry outreaches to the community over the last year, to begin a
significant renovation of the church facilities and to see two
new Elders officially added to our leadership team. This is essentially a “Missionary Pastor” role and we are enjoying this
ministry where our whole family can participate regularly.
How is ministry going in Russia? We get this question often!
Though we are not involved in “Hands on” ministry in this region any longer, we certainly keep in touch with those who are
and help in any way we can. While churches are doing ok right
now, they do feel the pinch financially, and some leaders have left the country for other employment opportunities. Certainly,
there is more work to be done than there are laborers and the
current situation has not helped. Pray that God would continue
to raise up laborers for the harvest!
We need much prayer as we now have a teenager in the
family! Daniel turned 13 in December. Seriously though, he is
doing well and even ran some cross country last Fall. Phil (8
years old) is doing well at school and also played soccer and
gymnastics this last Fall. Valerie will be 10 in March and continues to be an excellent student and friend at school and thoroughly enjoys her gymnastics, where she is now in an advanced
class at the local YMCA.
Yulia continues to work at our kids’ Christian school, providing oversight for their foreign student program. To no one’s
surprise her students and host families love her! The school is
also thankful to have such a dedicated person reaching foreign
students, most of whom do not know Christ.
Yulia is also a fantastic pastor’s wife and enjoys serving at
our church in many capacities.
Prayer Requests
*Pray for God’s work in limited access countries through partnerships with national church networks and for Kevin and the
team as they continue the Global Gateway Partners ministry
with BMW.
*Pray for churches in Russia, most struggling with less resources
and people but still with a great mission field in front of them.
*Praise God For a good school year for our kids so far.
*Pray for continued wisdom in managing our busy ministry and
family lives.

Thankfully, we love what we are doing! Thank you for praying for us, too!

~Kevin and Yulia