Kevin, Yulia, Daniel, Valeria and Ryan



We are thankful that we have been able to settle temporarily into an apartment to have something home-like for us and are getting into a daily routine with our family.  We continue to be thankful for our home church for allowing us to be “Missionaries in Residence” and providing generously for our additional financial needs. And of course, many of you have been praying, giving, offering furniture, sending notes and emails.  Thank you so much!

Ministry continues on ‘over there’.  Here is a story that brings us joy.   Last winter, Kevin  and a pastor, visited a church about a 12-hour drive from where we live.  This tiny church of about 20 is one of two small churches in a city of 20,000 people.  They have a lay-pastor who is also an anesthesiologist.  We’ve been visiting this church since 2009 and enjoy seeing the same people each time we visit.  

We had a Saturday meeting and a Sunday meeting last year when we visited.  One member, who teaches english, invited  an adult student of hers and a friend of her brother.  This student had never been to church but really wanted to learn english and heard that a native english speaker was visiting.  He walked in the door and immediately wanted to have a conversation with Kevin.  As Kevin and this student talked, Kevin asked him about his spiritual background and found him to be very open to such a discussion.  

The next day the student returned and heard the gospel from almost every member of the church, but was not put off.  He promised to return the next Sunday.  Return he did – again and again.  Last Sunday, the pastor that had gone with Kevin last year, went back again.  It was bitter-sweet for Kevin.  Bitter because Kevin was supposed to be with him on this trip.  But sweet because this student that Kevin had spoken with was being baptized.  

We rejoice with this church for the fruit that is theirs because of their faithful witness to Christ.  “Over there”, conversions are not plentiful.  When one repents it is reason for great rejoicing – especially in a small church such as this one.  Praise God for his work!