Kevin, Yulia, Daniel, Valeria and Ryan



So…what’s next?

After the war in Ukraine started on February
24, our world began to change quickly. Ten days later we were
on a plane with eight 50-pound bags heading back home. On Easter
Sunday morning (24 days after the invasion), we were greeted
with the news that my (Kevin’s)  permanent residency
permit had been revoked.  Thus the door to there for us is, for the moment, closed.

What Now?

Our sending church, Sunset Bible, opened up a position for
me as “Missionary in Residence” to bridge the gap between
Russia and whatever is next. They also asked me to become the
campus pastor for a church that Sunset is partnering with in a
revitalization effort. Several families from Sunset are joining

Central Bible Church in Tacoma, which was down to 20 mem-
bers, to help it grow and again become stable church that is a

light to its community. This also begins a partnership between

the churches, sharing resources participating in ministry togeth-
er and providing mutual encouragement as we seek to reach

Tacoma for the gospel. We agreed to join for the next year,
enabling us to place our kids in school for the year as well.


We are still happy to be missionaries with BMW while we
seek God’s direction regarding our “next stop.” I have engaged
in some smaller assignments to help missions administration

and am also part of a team that is evaluating a particular minis-
try within BMW. Over the next year, we are working to visit

each of our supporting churches. As we investigate opportuni-
ties around the globe, we anticipate a trip or two —stay tuned

for more info and ways to help us in that area in coming
months. While we do have ideas about the kind of ministry
that best suits us, we are not limiting our scope to any particular
location nor any specific type of assignment, but
are stepping forward as God leads.

By enlarge, our kids have adjusted better than
we have. We live an a “spacious” two bedroom

apartment (way bigger than our former apart-
ment), and our kids have been homeschooling

through the summer. 

Val and Phil have enjoyed swim and gymnastics
classes and Dan is consumed with baseball and has
tagged along to the rim of Mount St. Helens and the World

Track Championships with Dad. All of us took a trip to Albu-
querque for the IFCA conference and enjoyed lots of stops

along the way.


*Pray for the church in our former field of mission. The busy Fall season is about
to start.

*Pray especially for Pastor A who is dealing with
some memory-loss issues related to long-term Covid and stress.
*Pray for us as we seek what God has next for us long-term.
*Pray that our hearts will be willing to follow God’s plan and that
his plan will be clear to us.
*Pray for our current ministry with Sunset / Central Bible. Kevin
is preaching often and working with leadership to build this
struggling church into a vital ministry. Yulia is a pastor’s wife
and leading in many ways as well.
*Pray for a good transition to school for our kids—that they will
make friends and learn well.
*Pray for a good part-time job for Yulia so that we can pay for
school for the kids.
*Praise God for his provision for us through many of you. We
have what we need—he has cared for us.