Hobart Community Church

Come and visit with us and learn why once others have said, this is the church I have been looking for.

The Hobart Community Church was started by a young preacher named Kenneth Johnson. It began as a Youth group and Bible study in 1951. They met at a community church building on the land that was part of the Hobart Cemetery named the Highline Church. It became an official church and incorporated in 1955, meeting in the gymnasium of the grade school on the corner of 208th street that the Fire Department and the ball field now occupy. Both the Highline Church and the school gymnasium burned and the church moved to its current location on 200th street.

Pastor Johnson and his family faithfully ministered for 35 years as pastor and were involved in the church for over 50 years. With the help of people in the church and community, the building was built with no debt, believing that God would provide.  It took over 10 years to complete the work, the church is a testimony to the community that God’s blessing was here as they faithfully worked. One of the favorite parts of this church is the bell in the steeple. It was purchased for $25 from the Hobart School and is the original bell from the first school in the area. It is rung every Sunday calling the people of the community to worship the Lord together, and on special occasions like New Year’s Eve, Weddings and sometimes just for fun by visitors and children.   Should you visit with children, you can request for the children to ring the bell.  Praise God for Pastor Johnson, his family, and many faithful church members and community members who have helped build and establish this little church as an important part of the community of Hobart. God has been so good to us through the years.

In 1990, Robert Morris and his wife Ruth came to Hobart from Montana along with their children Rick, Ryan and Rachel. Following God’s calling and seeing God’s provision and blessing, he has remained here for almost 32 years.  For additional information about the present Pastor, please visit the page dedicated to his ministry. Pastor Rob’s Bio.